Exploring for High Grade Uranium in Canada’s World Class Athabasca Basin 

Aiming to support a transition to carbon neutrality by targeting unconformity-type uranium deposits in the highest grade uranium district globally

In a dynamic and unpredictable global climate, the ever-increasing demand for energy coupled with the necessities of a collective low-carbon future has led to an international focus on reducing global emissions. Nuclear energy is a decisive source of zero-emissions electricity and remains a broad part of global low-carbon economy megatrends. 

Situated in Saskatchewan, Canada, a globally attractive and proven mining jurisdiction, the Athabasca basin is renowned for unconformity-type uranium deposits, the largest and highest-grade uranium deposits found globally. Strategically located near world class high grade uranium discoveries, mining and processing operations.


Located just 40km southwest of McArthur River and next door to the Millennium Deposit in the heart of the Athabasca Basin.


Located on the Eastern fringe of the Athabasca Basin, boasting shallow targets ripe for rapid exploration in what is an overlooked part of the district. 


Centered on a strong magnetic and conductive structure interpreted as a significant unconformity-type uranium target only 11km west of the Millennium Deposit. 

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16 February 2024

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